Build Your Roof

Want to be involved in the details of your new roof? Or at least get ahead on reviewing your options? 

Use the form below to record and submit your preferences when you are ready. Fill out whatever applies to your property and leave anything else blank. We will review your choices and make our best effort to make them happen, all jobs are unique and there may be times we have to raise concerns or suggest other products to you.

By default drip edge will be chosen to match your trim if there is an available color (if you ever paint your trim in the future, the drip edge can be painted right along with it), otherwise it will be chosen to match your shingle. Other roofing accessories (vents and pipe jacks) will be chosen to match your shingle as best as possible.

We're always happy to help you narrow down your choices and provide you with sample boards in person. Colors may be different than they appear on screen.

Material Choices

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Architectural Composition Brands and Colors

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Seamless Gutter Colors

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Color options and info for drip edge, etc.


*Coming Soon*

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Paint and stain options for fences, trim, etc. 

Paint & Stain
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Why not add an upgrade while having work done anyway?


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