Malarkey Cheat Sheet

When you are trying to figure out what brand of shingle to go with its helpful to see a basic overview of what the major brands offer. It is then easy to tell what their focus is nd which one best fits your needs or has the most choices in the qualities you'd like to see. Having a basic understanding of their offerings is also the only way to compare like shingles across brands. We are always happy to help you narrow down your choices based on what qualities are most important to you if you reach out to us.

Does Malarkey offer a 3 tab option? Which shingles are algae resistant, which are hail resistant? What are their designer options (they actually only have one designer profile). Find out all of that and more in our Malarkey Cheat Sheet below.

Malarkey focuses on features (class 4, class 3, algae resistant, etc.) and keeps it fairly simple as far as the number of lines they offer. Here's a break down of their shingle lines so you can see what they have to offer at a glance.

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