1. Decking - When reroofing we always strip old materials down to the decking for a fresh start per manufacture’s recommendation. Decking is checked for issues that can be fixed (and up to 3 boards are replaced on us).

2. Underlayment - We use only high quality synthetic underlay that is easier to properly install, withstands the foot traffic of installation better, and protects your decking. The extra protection of ice and water shield is added in leak prone areas.

3. Shingles - If a composition shingle is chosen we use only first quality name brand shingles and we only recommend architectural quality and above to hold up in Texas weather. We stand by our warranty and won’t install something we can’t stand behind. We develop relationships with our brands local reps in case we ever run into warranty issues on their end and need them to work with us to help you resolve it.

4. Accessories - We value the details and finish out so we make sure accessories are chosen to match and blend with your roof in color and we work to offer specialized ventilation options, ridge shingles, gutters, etc. to meet your aesthetic preferences while properly functioning for your house.

Quality where you can see it and where you can't.

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