Colors may appear different on screen. We can provide sample books for more precise selection.


If you know the current color of your fence and would like it restored to the same color just let us know. Otherwise, you can choose from these Behr stains linked below:


For newer fences in great condition, that haven't been stained or have only been stained with transparent previously, shows a lot of wood grain.
Most common, shows the grain but hides some age too. 
Closer to paint in the coverage, bolder color, doesn't show much wood grain. Good option for older, damaged fences.


If you know your existing exterior paint colors and would like them restored just let us know what they are. Otherwise, we recommend visiting a Sherwin William's store to see the many options in person. We also have a fan deck you can borrow if you'd like to see their colors at your home. If you need a little direction feel free to reach out to Shelby.