Roof Leak Around The Dormer

One of our customers called us out because they noticed they had a leak around a dormer in the front of their house.

We came out to take a look and noticed that they had major hail damage. A significant storm with golf ball- to tennis ball-sized hail had passed over the house in May and had really torn up their shingles. 

We repaired the dormer so that water would stop damaging the sheetrock inside the customer’s home. Then, the customer decided to proceed with an insurance claim for the hail damage. We ended up removing the dormer because the homeowner did not like the appearance of it.

What The Insurance Adjuster Found

Their insurance adjuster came out to give their roof a thorough inspection, and he found the same thing we did—their roof had hundreds and hundreds of hail hits! Insurance decided to completely cover a new roof, and so now we are out here doing the work. 

What We Did First

When we come to replace your roof, the first thing we do is to put down tarps around the house to protect the ground and your landscaping. This keeps trash and nails from getting embedded in your dirt. Then, we pop a chalk line all around the house to help us stay on track when we install the shingles, so that we have nice, straight rows of shingles all the way up the roof. These are small details but they are important, and we do not want to cut corners.

Why We Take Several Photos

We also take many, many photos along the way. When we do a roof inspection we usually take 50-100 photos of all the sides of the house. If I need to look something up I already have the picture in my phone. Often, insurance requires proof that a certain item was on the roof or they won’t pay for it—and when they ask, I will have picture documentation ready. We also put all of these pictures and this information in our CRM and keep it on file. If we ever need to revisit something or look at how something has aged over a five or 10-year period, we have photos of your initial damage and the completed project. 

Even if we inspect your roof and take pictures but you do not file with your insurance, you might change your mind later. Most of the time insurance companies will cover damage up to a year later. 

Your Next Step

If you have a leak or another problem, or you are concerned about your roof, give us a call. We will inspect your roof and let you know if you have damage or not. If we find a problem we will take some photos of it, talk to you about it, and come up with the most reasonable solution, whether that’s us repairing it and putting together an estimate or filing a claim and getting insurance involved. We are here for you! 

Ggive us a call at 940-736-8577 to set up your free roof inspection

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