What We Do During Our Final Inspection

What does a final walkthrough look like on a re-roofing project at Red Ladder Roofing?

Watch Us In Action

If you check out our Facebook page or YouTube channel, you’ll find a video that shows you exactly what we do. We will walk you through a final check on a home we just finished. 

Walking The Property

Once the crews have done their primary cleanup and have headed out, it’s time for me, the project manager, to come in and walk the site one more time. We get on the roof and look for any issues we might need to address immediately. We also look for small issues that just aren’t 100% right. 

Trash and Other Items

Then we walk the entire site, looking for trash and any little things that might have been missed. Our guys do a great job and I usually only find a few things. Leaving your home looking better than we found it is always the goal.

Your Next Step

This is why it matters which roofers you choose to work with. We believe in taking accountability for our projects at Red Ladder Roofing.

Give us a call at 940-736-8577, and we will get you taken care of! 

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