The Roofer for Realtors

As experts in roofing for realtors, we understand what it takes

to complete a project under unique constraints.

Payment options.

We can often work payment out with your title company at closing or provide your client with online payment, credit card, or financing options.

Written reports.

We are happy to help you decode roofing related concerns on inspection reports. It’s better if we can inspect it in person but if you would just like some quick help understanding something the inspector mentioned, email us the report at:

We can do written reports to go with our roof inspections making it easy to relay information you may not be an expert on, avoid “he said she said” confusion, and negotiate for repairs with clear requests.

You can also call us out for a pre-listing inspection to head off problems and do a roof tune up.

Worry Free.

We take seriously the customers you send our way because we know you are trusting us to represent you well. Check out our reviews, many were from real estate involved transactions or realtors themselves. 

We do our best to work on your timelines. We know there’s nothing more frustrating than a hard to reach contractor when you’re in a time crunch.  Looping us in as soon as possible is always best though!

We even have electronic signature and payment capabilities to keep it simple for your clients.

Upon request, we can get most product warranties transferred to the new buyers. 


We are in this to help people just like you. We know that being qualified, educated, and insured are some of the best ways to serve our customer base. The vast majority of our business comes from referrals; we think that speaks for itself. We are a part of the NTRCA and RCAT which are local and state organizations that we voluntarily join and pledge to higher standards, much like TAR for Realtors. Find out more in our FAQ section.

Discover the Difference Working with a Roofer for Realtors.

With Red Ladder Roofing & Construction you can get both roofing expertise and real estate knowledge in one for all your North Texas properties! With prior experience in real estate, we understand option periods, title company facilitated payments, closing deadlines, etc. We will do everything possible to work with you to keep your closing on schedule with happy clients! So give us a try, see what its like to recommend your clients to a contractor you KNOW will take their call. We are the best roofer for Realtors.

Our Services

Roof Replacement

If a temporary repair doesn't do the trick, then it's probably time for a full roof replacement. Red Ladder Roofing has your back.

Affordable Roof Repair

Getting your roof repaired shouldn't be a financially catastrophic event. Red Ladder Roofing provides affordable roof repair services for the DFW area and surrounding cities. Extend the life or your roof and schedule roof repairs now.

Roof Maintenance

Scheduling regular roof maintenance makes you proactive in lengthening your roof's life. An experienced technician from Red Ladder Roofing will check for leaks or weather damage and proactively treat those issues.

Roof Installation

Working with professionals will save you money over the life of your roof, as you will spend less money cleaning up messes made by amateurs.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs require special care and consideration when replacing or repairing. Don't let any ole' roofer hop in to help because they'll probably leave you with more questions than answers. Give our flat roof repair experts a call and we'll get you taken care of.

Solar Vent Installation

Ready to get off the grid? Our solar vent installation team will add a solar-powered venting system to your roof so your home is vented for free, all day long.

Skylight Replacement

Don't compromise your roof with faulty skylights or weather-induced damage. We check these potential weak points to ensure your home is safe.


During severe weather, there are often many more items besides the roof that get damaged. We are pleased to offer exterior storm restoration services and interior leak restoration services to make your home like new.

Fence Staining

Fences are often battered during severe weather, and this severely impacts the curb appeal and privacy of your home.


Improperly draining water poses a danger to your roof and home that can result in extensive damage. It's a great time to add gutters when having a roof replaced. We can replace damaged gutters or install new gutters to avoid future damage to your home.

Siding and Soffit Repair

If you're not using correctly installed and maintained siding, your home is in danger of serious structural damage.

Metal Roofing Services

If you want the best in roofing durability and sustainability, our metal roofing services are exactly what you need.

Current Offers

Free ring doorbell for your first roof replacement with us


We would like to say thank you to all Realtors the first time they put their trust in us by sending a roof replacement our way by gifting you with a ring doorbell! This can go on your own home or become a client closing gift! If the home has an exisiting doorbell we will include installation for free. 

Comprehensive Report


For Realtors and their clients we offer free comprehensive roof reports in writing with documentation and pictures. This provides you with an easy way to clearly communicate between parties about the roof’s condition and gives a more in depth look than an inspector can provide. So if you or your inspector notice issues give us a call asap and we can try to get this back to you during option period. Buyer or seller are welcome to call for further explanation of anything on the report!  

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