5 Steps to the Insurance Claim Process

So your roof may be damaged? Maybe you heard hail beating down during a storm, or you see all your neighbors are getting theirs replaced, maybe a windstorm pulled some shingles loose –its time to get it looked at! And don’t clean up those loose shingles just yet! First, let’s understand the insurance claims process. This is good information for homeowner’s to understand, its also important to understand as a Realtor because you will often be there when a homeowner finds out from an inspector they need to have their roof checked out ASAP. If you act fast, you can remind them they should see if they can utilize their insurance policy rather than paying out of pocket for a new roof. 

The claims process can take time, so it’s best addressed ASAP. In fact, if you know the area was affected by hail in recent years its best to ask before even listing if they’ve replaced their roof since then. If you send us an address we can even check our hail maps to see if it looks like a hailstorm worth noting has been over it. Its better to address damage before its noted on an inspection down the line! And a good note two homeowners, if you put off dealing with storm damage, it will likely inconveniently come to light when its time to sell. 

Do You Know About "Burden of Proof?"

Did you know proving damage is actually the homeowner’s responsibility not the insurance or adjusters? See this legal definition of “burden of proof” on Investopedia. But you probably aren’t a roofing expert, so make sure you get one on your side right away.  

Starting with us means you might avoid starting an unnecessary insurance claim, we can tell you if we see damage (but we’re not afraid to tell you if we don’t). After that you can talk to your insurance agent if you have questions about your plan. Most plans don’t penalize you for seeking coverage after an “act of God event.” 

Now is the time to get your roof replaced and restart its aging clock while that insurance policy you have will mostly pay for it! Insurance policies have stipulations about the time that can lapse since the damage occurred and/or the date of discovery. Also ask your insurance company how long you have to get the job completed while still getting paid the full amount you’re due.

The Process is Simple:

  1. Have a qualified roofer out to look at your roof, verify damage, and be ready to prove it. If you use us, I know you’ll be taken care of. Contact us to get your free roof inspection scheduled.
  2. If damage is present start a claim with your insurance provider. 
  3. Keep us in the loop about when your adjuster is scheduled to come inspect your property so we can be there to meet them if necessary. 
  4. We can verify the claim lists all the items we need to replace and then we’ll coordinate with you to get your roof replacement scheduled.  
  5. With a properly paid claim your deductible will be your only out-of-pocket expense. 

You’ll then have a beautiful, undamaged, brand new roof only costing you your deductible! You’ll be happy you got it taken care of while your insurance would contribute and you won’t have any surprise leaks from a rapidly aging, damaged roof or bad news during an inspection when you go to sell your home!

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