A Common Problem We See In Roofing

A Common Problem We See In Roofing

We had a surprise on one of our recent roofing jobs. When we started working on this roof, we found three layers of extra felt!

Multiple Layers of Felt

We have found that it’s fairly common for roofing companies to not tear a roof down completely before replacing it. That’s what happened here—the last one (or maybe two) companies did not completely break down the roof to the decking. They did not remove the old felt. 

Why We Tear Your Roof Down To The Decking


Technically you do not have to go down to the decking when you replace a roof. We do it because we like to see the entire deck. This allows us to see any hidden water damage or other problems. It’s also what the manufacturer prefers. 

Your Safety

At Red Ladder Roofing, we are not just roofers. We are firefighters. We’ve seen a lot of roofs in both lines of work, which is why we prefer to do the job right. We have found that when a roof has not been built correctly, this hinders our ability to cut holes in it if there is a fire, or if the roof needs to be ventilated. 

Doing The Roofing Job Right


When we came out to do this roof we thought it would be a standard water/hail damage job. When we dealt with the customer’s insurance company, they quoted us for one layer of felt. We removed the extra felt at our cost. Doing the job right is more important than making a quick buck. 

How We Protect your Landscaping


Because we were going to be removing a lot of felt, we brought out what we call the catch-all. All of that old felt breaks down into bunches of little pieces. We did not want these pieces falling all over our customer’s yard and landscaping! Our catch-all covers your landscaping and prevents any damage. Plus, finishing your roof makes it easy for us to clean up and get your house back to normal. Again, we do the job right!

Your Next Step


If you are concerned about leaks, or if a recent hailstorm hit your area, call us at 940-736-8577. We will gladly go onto your roof to do a free inspection. We will give you the honest truth about whether you just need a simple patch or a full roof replacement. We will be with you every step of the way, making sure the job is done right the first time.



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