Could Your Roof Stop The Sale of Your House?

Did you know your roof could stop the sale of your home?

A Recent Customer

A customer called us out to inspect his roof before he listed his house for sale. Unfortunately, we found significant hail damage—enough that any inspector would call for a full roof replacement

Importance of a Preliminary Roof Inspection

Prospective buyers do not want to hear that the house they are considering needs a new roof!  This is the kind of repair you want to be finished and out of the way before you negotiate with a buyer. This is not the news you want to discover at the 11th hour of negotiations! 

We Know What to Look For

At Red Ladder we have a qualified property inspector on staff. This means we know exactly what home inspectors look for. We educate both our listing agents and roof buyers to ensure they understand the situation, and that they get the product they need at the price point that works for them. 

What if The Damage Isn’t Covered By Insurance?

Sometimes when we find damage in a pre-listing inspection, the damage is so old it is no longer covered by insurance. At that point, we have to do a cash buy. However, we still have several ways to work with you to get the job done. We can offer financing at closing, or financing out of the proceeds of the home sale—whichever is comfortable for you, as you are the ones who will be buying our roof! 

Your Next Step

Once you hire us we will take care of your roof quickly and effectively. If you are thinking about listing your house we recommend you call us, Red Ladder Roofing, to do an inspection before you put your house on the market. We will make sure you have no sales hangups due to your roof. 



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