Evidence of Hail Damage During a Roof Inspection

How do you know if you have hail damage? What if you don’t see any damage when you stand outside and look at your roof? 

We’ve had some pretty big hail storms in North Texas this summer. One of our existing customers called us out after a recent storm, to check on his roof. 

Your Fence

First I talked to the homeowner and asked if he had noticed any damage just by looking at his house. He pointed out a few things he had noticed on some wooden posts and his fence. From the ground, he wasn’t able to see if he had any roof damage.

Start From The Ground Up

I let him know that I’d be walking his whole property, starting at the ground and working my way up to the roof. I started by taking pictures of each face of his home. Once I had a big-picture overview, I zeroed in on one spot at a time. 

Your Soffits

Immediately I noticed that the customer had damage to their soffit. Hail had taken out large chunks of it. They also had damage to some window screens, and three windows had damage to their glazing beads which would have to be repaired.  

Roof Ridge and Shingles

We worked our way to the top of the roof where we found multiple hail impacts. The roof ridges were so torn up that I suggested laying tarp down right away. Large holes in your shingles and ridges can let water down into your roof, which will only cause more problems. A tarp will temporarily keep out the rain until we can get the roof repaired.

What Insurance Companies Look For

Once we got a general overview and good pictures of the roof, we zeroed in on a 10×10 square. This is a test the insurance company uses. If a roof has 5-10 hits within the 10×10 square, that roof needs to be replaced. This is not like hunting for a needle in a haystack—hail impacts are noticeable. They usually have a black center and look blotchy on the edges as the granules loosen up and fall off. These loose granules mean the shingle’s structure is damaged, leading to leaks. 

Importance of a Roof Inspection

You can’t see any of this by standing on the ground and looking up at your roof. It’s important to have someone come out to walk on your roof and see the damage close up.

Your Next Step

We will be happy to come out and look at your roof for free! Reach out to Red Ladder Roofing today. We will give you an honest opinion about any damage your roof (and the rest of your house) may have. 

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 940-736-8577



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