7 Reasons to Keep it Local – A Local Roofer Matters

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Choosing the best contractor for your job may seem daunting but one thing (ok, two) is a pretty universally agreed upon truth, go local (and insured)! Why is that so important you ask? Read on…

  1. A local roofer knows their reputation can make or break their whole business. We want to know that if you’ve heard of us, its been from someone happy with the job we did!

  2. Local roofers know local laws, codes, and permit requirements.

  3. Local roofers will actually be there to stand behind their warranty claims. We care and we’re still around!

  4. Local roofers will be your lifeline for emergency damage or small repairs, they’ll be quick to take care of their customers. When we replace your roof that’s the beginning of a relationship between us and we’re happy to help you maintain that roof and protect your home. We’re easy to find when you need us in the future.

  5. You get personalized service dealing directly with the people involved in your job, not a chain of people passing it on.

  6. We have a relationship with our crew. They know what we expect and we know they do quality work.

  7. On top of all that you are supporting a local business!

Are we local? Here at Red Ladder Roofing, North Texas is where we live, work, go to church, and raise our families!

Shelby Bell

Shelby Bell

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