Our Customer’s Skylight Was Leaking

One day our client in Lancaster came home from vacation to find paint chips and sheetrock lying on the floor beneath their skylight. 

What We Found

They called us in. We went into their attic and their roof, and saw that the skylight was damaged. All the flashing around it had serious problems. It was pretty beaten up. 

Roof Damage

While we were there, the homeowners asked us to take a look at the rest of the roof. It’s a good thing they did! We found not only hail damage, but holes in shingles and pipe flashings that looked like squirrels were trying to nibble their way into the house!

Our Process to Fix The Roof

We took pictures of the hail and rodent damage and documented everything to show the homeowner. We then worked with their insurance company to get them a new roof. Not only are they getting a new roof, but they are upgrading from a 30-year shingle to a Class 4 hail-resistant shingle. Hopefully, this will prevent any further leaks or damage.

Your Next Step

Do your skylights look dull and ugly? Do you see water stains, or have you noticed that the metal around them doesn’t look good anymore?

Give us a call at at 940-736-8577. We will come out and give you an honest assessment of the condition of your skylights.

You will gain peace of mind from knowing that you won’t come home to water or anything unexpected in your home!

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