The Benefits of Class 4 Hail Resistant Shingles

Our customer opted to go with Class 4 hail-resistant shingles. What are these shingles and why did our customer choose them? We are glad you asked!

Hail Bounces Off Your Roof

Class 4 shingles contain a rubberized component, which helps the hail to bounce off your roof rather than make an impact. Your shingles are covered with tiny granules. When hail hits a conventional composite shingle, it deforms these granules which leaves your roof open to damage. Now when hail storms come through, our customer’s roof will be more resistant to impacts, deformities, and leaks. 

Discount On Homeowner’s Insurance

On top of that, using hail-resistant shingles will get our customers a discount on their homeowner’s insurance. Different companies offer different discounts, but it is often 25% of your deductible

How Class 4 Shingles Compare to Metal Roofs

Instead of hail-resistant shingles, our InnovA Technologies customer could have gone with a metal roof. Metal roofs are fantastic protection against hail. However, a Class 4 shingle often holds up just as well. Plus, a metal roof will show hail impacts. Class 4 shingles will not. They protect well, and they stay looking good.

Class 4 shingles do cost a little more than traditional composite shingles, but a metal roof would cost more than twice as much. 

Your Next Step

If you’re interested in the benefits of upgrading your roof to a Class 4 hail-resistant shingle, or if you’d just like a free consultation inspection to make sure you don’t have any existing hail damage, call us at 940-736-8577



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