The Result of Poor Attic Ventilation

We recently repaired a roof that was damaged not from a storm or ice, but because it had poor attic ventilation.

The Damage

Yes, a lack of ventilation can damage your roof! In this case, it caused a buildup of moisture in the attic space, which damaged the decking. The decking got wet but then could not dry out because there was no way to vent the attic space.

The Solution

We had to remove and replace several rafters, as well as several sheets of plywood. We’ve posted a video of our work on this site, and when you watch the video you can see how damaged the plywood is. It’s still wet! 

How To Prevent This From Happening

After we finish laying down the new plywood we will install new underlayments, and then patch in the shingles. Then we will install ridge vents to prevent this from happening again! 

How We Protect Your Home During The Repair

Because this job involved a lot of demolition, our first step was to lay down plywood over the customer’s wraparound deck, as well as across their sliding glass doors. We always take care to protect your property. 

Your Next Step

If you need any help with roof ventilation, or any roof repair or problem, call us! We’ll be happy to come out and take a look. We’ll inspect your roof and see if you need any upgrades or repairs. 



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