What To Expect During Your Roof Replacement

When you call us to fix your roof we have a process we work through, every time. Our first goal is to get your roof repaired quickly and well. Our second goal is to do such a great job on cleanup that you’ll never know we were there. 

1. Prep and permits.

The first thing we do is to pull all our permits so that everything is in place and ready to go when it’s time to start on your roof. 

2. Gutters and demolition.

We send our gutter guys out to remove all your gutters and downspouts. Once that is finished we pull off your old shingles and felt. We inspect all the wood decking under the felt, to make sure there’s no water damage.

3. Felt and shingles.

After we make sure there is no damage, we lay down synthetic felt. We add ice and water shield to the valleys of your roof, to provide extra insurance against any water getting to the wood underneath. Then we install the new shingles, pipe flashings, and vents. 

4. Cleanup.

The final step is cleanup. When we get ready to start on your roof we lay down tarps all over your landscaping. This catches any nails and debris. After we clean up the tarps we walk your property with a magnet, to pick up any stray nails that may have fallen during or after the construction process, and do a visual inspection for any leftover trash or debris. 

5. Customer satisfaction.

Finally, we meet with the homeowner to make sure you are satisfied and don’t have any concerns. If you do have concerns we come right back out to fix them. 

Your Next Step

If you have any recent hail damage, or if you’ve been hit by a big storm, give us a call! We will do an honest inspection to give you the truth about your roof. We will let you know if it needs a full replacement or just a patch. You might not need any roof repair work at all! Let us give you the peace of mind of knowing the shape your roof is in.

Call us, at 940-736-8577 and we’ll get your inspection scheduled.



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