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When Choosing a Roofer in Corinth, TX

Choosing a roofer is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. A roof is a crucial part of any building, and it is essential to ensure that it is installed or repaired correctly. Here are some things to consider when choosing a roofer in Corinth, Texas:

  1. Experience and Reputation When choosing a roofer, it is essential to consider their experience and reputation. A roofer with many years of experience is likely to provide better service than a new or inexperienced roofer. You can check the roofer’s reputation by reading online reviews or asking for references from past customers.
  2. Licensing and Insurance Roofing contractors in Corinth, Texas, are required to have a valid license to operate. You should ensure that the roofer you choose is licensed and insured. Insurance is necessary to protect you from any liability in case of an accident or damage to your property during the roofing project.
  3. Local Knowledge and Expertise A local roofer is likely to have a better understanding of the climate, building codes, and other regulations in Corinth, Texas. They are also likely to have a better understanding of the types of roofing materials that are best suited for the area. You can ask the roofer about their experience with local roofing projects and their knowledge of the area.
  4. Quality of Materials The quality of materials used for your roofing project will affect its durability and lifespan. You should ensure that the roofer uses high-quality materials that are appropriate for your roofing needs. Ask the roofer about the materials they use and their quality.
  5. Warranty and Guarantees A reputable roofer should offer a warranty or guarantee for their work. The warranty should cover any defects or issues with the installation or repairs for a specified period. You should ask the roofer about their warranty and guarantees before hiring them.
  6. Cost of Services The cost of roofing services can vary significantly depending on the scope of the project and the materials used. You should compare quotes from different roofing contractors in Corinth, Texas, to get a better idea of the cost. However, it is essential to remember that the lowest price may not always be the best option. You should choose a roofer who offers competitive pricing while also providing quality service.
  7. Communication and Professionalism The roofer you choose should be professional in their communication and conduct. They should be responsive to your inquiries and provide clear and detailed information about their services. Professionalism also includes punctuality, cleanliness, and respectful behavior towards you and your property.


In conclusion, choosing a roofer requires careful consideration of several factors. You should prioritize experience, licensing, insurance, local knowledge, quality of materials, warranties, cost, and professionalism when making your decision. By taking these factors into account, you can find a reputable roofer who will provide quality service for your roofing needs in Corinth, Texas.

Our Services

Roof Replacement

If a temporary repair doesn't do the trick, then it's probably time for a full roof replacement. Red Ladder Roofing has your back.

Affordable Roof Repair

Getting your roof repaired shouldn't be a financially catastrophic event. Red Ladder Roofing provides affordable roof repair services for the DFW area and surrounding cities. Extend the life or your roof and schedule roof repairs now.

Roof Maintenance

Scheduling regular roof maintenance makes you proactive in lengthening your roof's life. An experienced technician from Red Ladder Roofing will check for leaks or weather damage and proactively treat those issues.

Roof Installation

Working with professionals will save you money over the life of your roof, as you will spend less money cleaning up messes made by amateurs.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs require special care and consideration when replacing or repairing. Don't let any ole' roofer hop in to help because they'll probably leave you with more questions than answers. Give our flat roof repair experts a call and we'll get you taken care of.

Solar Vent Installation

Ready to get off the grid? Our solar vent installation team will add a solar-powered venting system to your roof so your home is vented for free, all day long.

Skylight Replacement

Don't compromise your roof with faulty skylights or weather-induced damage. We check these potential weak points to ensure your home is safe.


During severe weather, there are often many more items besides the roof that get damaged. We are pleased to offer exterior storm restoration services and interior leak restoration services to make your home like new.

Fence Staining

Fences are often battered during severe weather, and this severely impacts the curb appeal and privacy of your home.


Improperly draining water poses a danger to your roof and home that can result in extensive damage. It's a great time to add gutters when having a roof replaced. We can replace damaged gutters or install new gutters to avoid future damage to your home.

Siding and Soffit Repair

If you're not using correctly installed and maintained siding, your home is in danger of serious structural damage.

Metal Roofing Services

If you want the best in roofing durability and sustainability, our metal roofing services are exactly what you need.


Roofing jobs often cost multiple thousands of dollars, so if something goes awry, you want a company that is full insured with all appropriate riders to cover that issue.

We are fully insured by the state of Texas and have the paperwork to prove it. 



We’re locals to North Texas, so we know what it’s like to have a severe weather event damage a roof and have to deal with out-of-town roofers harassing you. 

Areas we serve include Dallas, Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Highland Park, Richardson, Carrollton, Addison, Farmers Branch, Irving, Flower Mound, Southlake, Denton, DeSoto, Tour 18, Lantana, Corinth, Argyle, Highland Village, Lake Cities, Lake Dallas, Lake Kiowa, Valley View, Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill, Arlington, and more.


We are a fully-certified local roofing company. 

Our industry certifications include: 


Red Ladder Roofing is a top-rated Better Business Bureau company.

We have zero complaints from our customers and plan on keeping it that way.


We follow-up with every customer immediately following job completion and once more a month after. This ensures that we cover any more questions our customers have. 

Additionally, we are always a phone call for any further insurance related issues that might arise after a job completion.

We want your business, and we’ll prove it every time.

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North Texas Church Reroof, church roofing offered by Red Ladder Roofing & Construction

Red Ladder performed the job with excellence and went above and beyond to ensure the job was done right and at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend them on both quality and price.

Mike N.

Corinth Roof Reroof and Gutter Installation After Picture

What a great team to work with. They are trustworthy, dependable, timely, and provide quality workmanship. I have a beautiful new roof, new window screens and gutters. I chose colors and they took care of the rest! Highly recommend!

Laura M.

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"Integrity first, always."
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Ricky Bell


Frequently asked questions and answers about our company

Ricky and Shelby started Red Ladder Roofing in early 2016 after simultaneously seeing an opportunity in construction and a need for contractors with good business skills and communication abilities.  

For those of you in North Texas, we are a local roofing company. Our office is located in South Denton but we service all of North Texas. 

We are BBB A+ accredited, GAF certified installers, CertainTeed Shingle Masters, and members of both the RCAT and NTCRA.

Both the company and our subs are appropriately insured. 

There is currently no license for roofers in the state of Texas, although we support the need for that and will be ready to join in if Texas develops one. Our business is a registered LLC however, as well as registered contractors with all applicable cities. 

On most jobs we are able to offer a 5 year labor warranty as laid out in our contract. Our products also carry warranties from the manufacturer; most product warranties are transferable. 

A project manager is on every job to oversee the project, check supplies, answer your questions, and manage the crew. We don’t just send the crew, we’re there making sure everything is done correctly and you are informed. 

During all jobs we make an effort to tarp flower beds and sensitive areas, protect pools in close proximity, and cover AC units. Our priority is getting your house dried in, after that we make several sweeps to pick up trash and use a magnetic roller to collect nails. 

A typical residential reroof takes us 1-2 days.  

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